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Ideal Protein! A Weight Loss Solution That Works! – Testimonial

In 2015 my pharmacy began offering the Ideal Protein weight loss and management program.  After receiving the training to be a coach for future clients I decided I would try the protocol myself. It had been 3 years and I still hadn’t lost the weight I gained while pregnant.  I had tried many times to count calories, maintain exercise routines and many other fad diets, but was not able to stick to them and did not see any lasting results.  I began Ideal Protein ready to fail and excuses lined up- “I don’t cook, my work schedule is too difficult, my migraines will be worse. ….” but sure enough the protocol was working.  It was easy to follow, the food tasted good and was easy and quick to prepare. There were also numerous recipes to make using the Ideal Protein products to add variety.  I was eating more vegetables than ever, and I felt great!  I had more energy, no late afternoon sugar crashes, drank less coffee and was sleeping more soundly at night.  I did not feel hungry or deprived.  With the weight and inches consistently dropping each week I was not deterred by the temptations of birthday cakes, Halloween candy or Christmas cookies.

By the new year, I had reached my goal and continued on to maintenance.  I had lost 45 pounds and 25 inches in total in 3 months and decreased body fat all while maintaining lean body mass – a key component of long-term weight loss success.  Two years later I have maintained the weight loss and continue to practice the lifestyle changes that I learned from the Ideal Protein program.

Now I am happy to help others achieve the same success and overcome their struggle to lose weight and change their lifestyle.  As a pharmacist, I understand the negative effects that excess weight can cause – from hypertension, insulin imbalance and other heart risks.  Weight loss can improve these disease states and overall health both physically and mentally.   Our Ideal Protein Coach, Mary Jo, listens, supports and guides our clients not only in the weight loss phase but throughout the lifestyle management as well.   In addition to the weekly coach meetings, clients receive daily video emails that provide information tailored to the phase of the protocol they are on. The videos also continue through the maintenance phase to help educate you and keep you on track.  These are key factors to the success that Ideal Protein is able to achieve.   Over 2 years our clinic has lost over 1000lbs and we work every week to help our clients keep that weight off.

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