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Managing Medication Regimen: 6 Essential Tips for Seniors

Regardless of your age, whether you are in your fifties or approaching your eighties, it is crucial to be cautious about the supplements, herbal remedies, and both prescribed and over-the-counter medicines that you consume. This is particularly important as older individuals are often recommended a wide range of medications, which if improperly mixed, could potentially cause harmful side effects. In addition, changes in the body due to age can affect how particular drugs interact with your system.

You can also experience loss of muscle strength and some weakness as you age, regardless of how fit you may be. Thus, it’s crucial to skilfully handle medication to ensure a high quality of life in your later years. Now, here are some useful tips for senior citizens to effectively manage their medication regimen.

Set Frequent Reminders

Forgetting to take your prescribed medication can have detrimental impacts on your health and may leave you susceptible to sickness. The most effective suggestion for managing medication regimen is to use an alarm feature on your mobile phone. This reminder can be for taking medication promptly, arranging a refill for medicine, or scheduling regular appointments with the doctor.

Pre-arrange Your Medication

Elderly individuals often need to take multiple medicines at the same time. As a result, their daily dosage can be simplified by using labelled containers like pill pouches, blister packs, or pillboxes. To avoid forgetting doses, it’s essential to properly separate the medicines into each day’s designated slot. If you forget a dosage, you will notice it easily. Pharmacists can provide assistance with numerous options ready for your consideration.

Schedule Frequent Doctor Visits

The health needs of older adults can evolve over time, leading to possible changes in their symptoms. This unpredictable change may necessitate the doctor to adjust your medication. Additionally, if your prescribed medicine is no longer effective, your doctor may consider revising the dosage or potentially altering the entire medication. It’s recommended to book your next medical appointment before leaving the healthcare facility. This way, you won’t forget amidst the rush of life.

Use an App

Numerous medication tracking apps compatible with iOS and Android are available to assist in setting reminders for taking medication. Medisafe is a highly-rated application that maintains a database of your medications, significantly simplifying the process for seniors to monitor their medication dosage. It’s designed primarily as a medication engagement app with its main function being to generate user involvement in maintaining adherence to medication schedules.

Organize Your Medicines for Delivery

Remembering to take all the right medications can be a challenging task, let alone getting the prescriptions filled on time. Older adults, in particular, can forget to refill their prescriptions, resulting in them skipping their medications for several days unnoticed. An effective solution to this all-too-common issue is scheduling refill days on the calendar, timed with the end-date of your current prescription. Opt for having the prescriptions delivered to your door, eliminating the need to find transportation to the pharmacy. Currently, many pharmacies provide reminder systems and automatic refill programs. It may be helpful to discuss these features with your pharmacist during your next Medscheck appointment, or give them a call to schedule a routine setup.

Get Your Family Caregivers Involved

Incorporate your support group into every part of your life. Although technology offers various benefits, not all are up-to-date with the latest developments. Therefore, don’t shy away from asking for help from your family caregivers. It’s crucial that your needs are met and that you are equipped with the knowledge to use these technologies or find solutions that cater to your lifestyle.


As individuals age, various health issues and diseases can rapidly deteriorate if not promptly addressed. Managing your medication regimen is of utmost importance for seniors. It is crucial that they take their medicine in a timely manner and diligently stick to their appointments and any changes in their medication. At Sunshine Drugs, we are committed to supporting our patients in every possible way. This includes providing a range of pharmacy services and assistance, to simplify these tasks for them. Give us a call anytime or stop by one of our convenient locations.