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Your Medications, Made Easy

Our MyEasyDose program provides convenient pill packs
that make taking your medications easy and discreet.

MyEasyDose is a medication adherence program that delivers all of your prescriptions in pre-sorted, daily pill packs. This will end the hassle of daily pill counting and sorting and help you to remember to take your prescriptions daily. Your MyEasyDose prescriptions can be automatically refilled and renewed and are delivered to your door.

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Convenient MED Packs

We’ll sort your medication & supplements in MED packs by date and time, so you never forget to take your meds. Each MED Pack is clearly labelled and sealed.

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Easy Refills & Renewals

Our prescription process is fast and easy. Refills are scheduled, and we’ll get in touch with your doctor for new prescriptions and have all the information sent to us.

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Easy Delivery Options

We can fulfill & deliver medication requests directly to your home or office. In most cases, delivery is free.

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Caregiver Support

MyEasyDose supports caregivers by making medication management for a loved one easier and more secure.

Sign up is easy:

Speak to your pharmacist at your local Sunshine Drugs pharmacy location

Set up a home delivery plan or give us a call toll-free

*MyEasyDose is a compliance packaging solution prepared by Community Care Pharmacy for the Sunshine Drugs Family of Pharmacies


Proudly Serving Ontario, Canada

Location: 3095 Forest Glade Drive, Windsor, Ontario N8R 1W6

Tel: 1 (519) 948-2318
Fax: 1 (519) 948-7195

Ontario Collage of Pharmacists Accreditation Number: 303977

Pharmacist Availability: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (EST)

Designated Manager: Chau Ma
(Consultations available on new and refill prescriptions.)