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Get a Compounded Medication Tailored Just for You

Our pharmacists can create a custom prescription to meet your unique needs.

Medication Compounding can be used for:

mortar and pestle

Custom Strength or Dose

We will make a prescription with the perfect potency for you.

HRT icon

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We develop the right prescription to regain hormonal balance.

pain management

Pain Management

We make a personalized prescription that reduces your specific pain.

dental care

Dental Care

We make a custom formulation that helps solve oral issues and conditions.

pediatric formulations

Pediatric Formulations

We can make a medication specific to your child’s situation.

Medication Flavoring

Medication Flavouring

We can make your medicines taste better for easier ingestion.

Contact Your Pharmacist Now for Compounding

To see if you are eligible for pharmaceutical compounding, contact your Sunshine Drugs pharmacists.